The way you breathe is the way you live.

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Breath Analysis is the most accurate way of measuring your metabolism and finding the plan you need to achieve optimal health. We made it accessible to everyone.

Through 10,000+ peer review studies conducted over 100+ years, Breath Analysis has been established as the gold standard in metabolic testing. Our state-of-the-art device measures your metabolism with clinical precision. Then, our AI, built upon 50,000+ breath profiles and 1000+ peer-reviewed studies, analyzes your metabolism to generate the most personalized training, nutrition, and lifestyle insights science can offer.

What we measure

Breath contains ten critical biomarkers related to cells, heart, lungs, blood circulation, and the brain. They are the basis for evaluating overall health and personalizing training and nutrition regimens, whether for weight loss or breaking a world record.

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Resting Metabolic Rate

The energy (i.e., calories) the human body uses to power its vitals (e.g., liver, brain, heart) and stay alive. It accounts for 50-70% of total caloric burn. Measuring it is when crafting a personalized nutrition plan.

The power of breath analysis

Oxygen is the molecule of life. That's why every core organ, like the heart, lungs, and cells, is involved in transferring or using oxygen. By scanning your breath, we analyze the flow of oxygen through these organs. Our analysis then reveals insights such as the energy cells use, their efficiency in burning fats and carbohydrates, heart and lungs fitness, exercise recovery capacity, and how breath affects brain and blood circulation.



The cells' primary function is using oxygen to break down nutrients (e.g., fats, carbohydrates) and release the energy they contain and keep you alive and moving. PNOĒ measures how efficiently they use oxygen and detects problems caused by metabolic disease, impaired mitochondrial function, and lack of metabolic conditioning training.

Supercharging your wearable

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Heart Rate

Every fitness tracker uses an estimation of your metabolic profile to give you fitness insights such as caloric burn. However, its generic algorithms provide low accuracy and limited insights into your health.


Our algorithm calibrates your wearable by baselining its raw data such as heart rate, movement, and heart rate variability with your metabolic profile measured by the PNOĒ test. This personalizes your wearable's algorithms to your metabolism and improves its accuracy in measuring calories by up to 2x while also making it able to track fat and carbohydrate burn during exercise.


Our algorithm also benchmarks your wearable's data against a pool of 50,000+ metabolic profiles to identify trends that have been correlated with specific physiological trends such as improvement in heart fitness or metabolic flexibility. A single PNOĒ test makes your wearable able to track your health and metabolism like never before.

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