A nutritionist, coach, and physician in your pocket.

The PNOĒ Precision app syncs your metabolic profile with your smartwatch and guides your nutrition, lifestyle, and health like never before.

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Activity, Nutrition, Recovery, and Mind, all tracked in one app.

We believe that finding the problem and pointing to the solution is not enough. Sustainable results require guidance every step of the way. That's why we built PNOĒ Precision, the first AI-powered app that guides you 24/7 on all four pillars of performance: Activity, Nutrition, Physical Recovery, and Mental Readiness. All calibrated to your metabolism.


Supercharge your wearable and put a lab on your wrist.

The PNOĒ Precision app calibrates your wearable with your breath data and makes it able to monitor your metabolism and performance like never before. Your calibrated wearable data then merge with our predictive analytics to monitor the evolution of health metrics such as your VO2max, fat-burning efficiency, metabolic efficiency, lung, and heart fitness.

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PNOĒ Precision tracks your nutrition, physical recovery, and sleep to adjust your workout routine and keep it in line with your lifestyle and health goal. It also syncs with your training zones and metabolic profile to help you stay within the optimal exercise intensities that will get you the most out of your workouts.


PNOĒ Precision features the most advanced diet planner. The meal plans crafted by our experts account for all your preferences, restrictions, food intolerances, as well as calorie, fat, and carbohydrate needs. Our algorithm tracks your activity level and automatically adjusts meals down to a serving level removing all the hassle of daily changes.




PNOĒ Precision tracks your sleep, sleep quality, and stress from training to measure your body's recovery. Depending on your recovery level, it will adjust the recommended workout intensity to help you get the most out of your training while avoiding injuries. It also syncs with the recovery profile measured by the PNOĒ test and tracks how effectively your body recovers during exercise, helping you manage your effort levels.


PNOĒ Precision tracks your heart rate variability and heart rate during low physical activity levels to gauge your psychosomatic stress levels. It also uses your breath profile in the background to analyze your heart rate variability in greater detail and detect moments of reduced cognitive capacity.