May 23, 2021

Why Should I get the PNOĒ test

Knowing your weakest links is the first step in overcoming the obstacles for races and life. Learn how the PNOĒ can improve your overall performance!

Why should I take the PNOĒ breath analysis test (AKA metabolic or VO2max testing)? The answer is simple. It will help you perform your best in tackling obstacles in your next Spartan race and your life.

For more than 100 years, breath analysis has been the most accurate and scientifically validated method for developing training, nutrition, and recovery programs that are personalized to your metabolism. PNOĒ made it simple and has helped thousands including champions like Robert Killian, a 2x Spartan Racing Champion, achieve their fitness goals with less time and effort.  

Find your weakness

Everyone’s body is different and so are your weaknesses. Your weakness may be a few extra pounds that make Olympus unbearable whereas your friend’s weakness may be unstable breathing that causes him to lose focus and miss the spear throw. No matter the weakness, overcoming it depends on how well your heart, lungs, and cells work. PNOĒ measures this with the gold standard method [1] and spots the weakest link. Here are a few examples:

A problem in your cells makes it difficult to lose weight

Dieting for too long or doing too much cardio can cause your cells to burn fewer calories than usual, something typically referred to as a “slowed” metabolism. A “slow” metabolism is what keeps 90% of people from getting to their dream physic [2], and it may be what’s stopping you from flying through the monkey bar, gliding across the rope traverse, or flipping the tire like a Sunday morning pancake. It may even be the real obstacle between you and the first beast or ultra that you never imagined doing!

A problem in your lungs causes you to burn less fat 

When your lung muscles aren’t trained enough they can’t fully expand and contract and will eventually deliver less oxygen to your muscles [3]. This makes your muscles burn less fat and forces them to turn to carbs. Carbs, however, are a fuel source that’s limited and causes fatigue to your muscles when used and also creates that muscle burn sensation. 

A problem with your breathing reduces your mental strength and focus

Anxiety and stress in life will likely cause you to breathe faster than normal without you knowing it. This state is called chronic hyperventilation and will reduce your mental strength and focus [4]. Less focus makes missing the spear throw more likely whereas less mental strength makes every obstacle much harder to overcome.

A problem in your lungs, heart, or cells may be something to check with your doctor. Thousands have taken the PNOĒ test looking to train smarter but ended up discovering a life-threatening health problem (e.g. pulmonary embolism, heart artery blockage, fitness-induced asthma) [5]. By understanding, if lingering COVID19 symptoms are due to a lung or heart problem, PNOĒ has also helped many recover faster. Acting early can be the difference between life and death, so even if high athletic performance is not your goal, PNOĒ can still be of great value by helping you be around longer and enjoy races with young Spartans. 

Fuel, Train, and Recover smarter 

Breath analysis doesn’t just find your weaknesses, it also determines the nutrition, training, and recovery you need to overcome them. Killian is the perfect example. Through the PNOĒ test, Killian was able to find his weaknesses and get personalized training, nutrition, and recovery program to overcome them. 

First, Killian determined the optimal combination of resistance, interval, and cardio training based on his goals and weaknesses. Striking the right balance is key since each training type helps with different weaknesses. For example, resistance training can help fix a “slow” metabolism, whereas interval training can help alleviate a lung problem. Moreover, Killian identified his sport-specific training zones, (e.g. zones for running, cycling, etc.). Knowing your personalized, sport-specific training zones has three benefits. First, you significantly increase the benefit you get out of your cardio and interval training sessions by training at exactly the right intensities that cause the desirable adaptations in your body [6]. Second, you know how hard to push during the race without hitting the wall. Third, you can very accurately track how much strain your body takes during training and thus know how much recovery it needs to avoid overtraining and injuries. 

Killian also precisely determined how many carbohydrates and fats his body uses during different exercise intensities. With this information at hand, he was able to find the optimal pre-workout, pre-race, and during-race nutrition based on his metabolism. Second, he found exactly how much he can push his body based on the type and amount of food he has consumed.  

It all starts from a 10-min test

Knowing your weakest links is the first step in overcoming the obstacles for races and life. A combination of a healthy heart, lungs, and cells that function optimally makes for good athletes and also for healthy people since these three systems are connected to 90% of chronic disease. Figuring out if they work well and what you need to do to improve them starts and ends with breath analysis. 

PNOĒ offers breath analysis testing at home and affiliated locations. The PNOĒ test is COVID19 safe as a medical-grade, disposable antibacterial, and antiviral filter is attached to the mask during each test. Schedule your test and get a 30-minute complimentary consultation with one of our metabolic experts in the link below: Home | PNOĒ (

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